Yangon, 11 September 2019, GC Marketing Solutions Myanmar Company Limited (GCM Myanmar), a subsidiary of GC Marketing Solutions Company Limited, inaugurates its first office in Yangon to serve Myanmar plastic market which is growing strong in demand. Its aims are to strengthen the relationship with customers, provide quality chemical products, better services and innovative solutions capturing the economic boom in the country. On this occasion, H.E. Mrs. Suphatra Srimaitreephithak, Ambassador of Thailand to Myanmar and delegation honourably attended the Grand Opening of GC Marketing Solutions Myanmar. Also honored by the Myanmar customers and business partners nearly 200 people attended the event. Mr. Patiparn Sukorndhaman, Chief Operating Officer - Downstream Petrochemical Business, PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (GC) stated, “Myanmar’s economy continues to grow progressively in many segments. Positive momentum is foreseen. GDP is projected to grow at 6.5% in 2018/2019, and up to 6.7% in 2020/2021, with several industries continue their big strides. For examples, Construction sector is expected to grow at 8.2%, due to the start of many infrastructure projects (e.g. economic corridors, energy, and transport projects). Service sector grows at 8.3%, with retail activities increasing. These are examples of many opportunities for converters and manufacturers in plastics industry, to respond to growing domestic consumption, e.g. Unilever starts their Myanmar Domestic facility in Thilawa too. GC Group is ready to follow the vision that we grow business together with our partners.” said Patiparn Sukorndhaman. Mr. Krit Kasayapanand, Managing Director of GCM Myanmar stated, “Myanmar plastic market is growing strong and we, at GC Group, always thinks about its customers as well as the environment. This philosophy is carried out and brought into action through specific product research and development. The company has introduced a wide range of product lines to meet a variety of customers’ demands. The company provides High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with super-strong, long-lasting and lightweight attributes, it can be used in many products such as bottles and containers on a daily basis - food, beverages, personal care products, etc. While Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE), and Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) products usually are used for plastic bags, wraps, etc. or recycled into other useful products like shipping envelopes, garbage can liners, etc. The company has also developed Polystyrene (PS), Polypropylene (PP) PET and PVC products to serve the needs of customers.” added Krit Kasayapanand. Additionally, GCM Myanmar has successfully applied modern tools and initiative models to support its customers. The customers now can find technical information and order desired products online through the company’s website. Payment and e-invoice are also processed and provided via innovative e-commerce systems. The company also maximizes the use of social media and email marketing to communicate, recruit new customers and maintain a relationship with the existing one by keeping them updated with the latest announcements, new products, and promotions. Thanks to the trust of Burmese customers throughout the past years, GCM Myanmar is ready to accompany and provide better services and useful range of products to meet the distinct demands of the Myanmar market.


GCM received the Gold Medals of PTT Group Productivity Improvement Award 2019

GC Marketing Solutions Company Limited (GCM) received the PTT Group Productivity Improvement Award 2019 from its execution of ”Effective Meeting GCM by Trust”, at the PTT Group SPIRIT + D Day 2019 event on November 7, 2019 at PTT Public Company Limited. Mr. Thitipol Artsanchorn, President of GCM, was the company representative to receive this award.


GCM Organized a Seminar "Fire Safety Awareness and Basic Safety Inspection course” for customers

GC Marketing Solutions Co., Ltd. (GCM) has collaborated with Thailand Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (TOSH) and The Bangkok Fire and Rescue Department (BFRD) Sutthisarn Section to conduct a basic safety and security standard program to elevate competitiveness ability “Fire Safety Awareness and Basic Safety Inspection course” for customer on 17 September 2019 at Chaophya Park Hotel, Bangkok  This training program gain satisfaction score 87 % from the participants.

GCM Organized a Seminar for Customers to a New Step in the Digital Age “e-Tax invoice and e-Receipt”

        19 September 2019 at Ratchaphruek Club, Vibhavadi Road, Bangkok. GC Marketing Solutions Company Limited (GCM) has organized a seminar on developing a new e-Tax Invoice & e-Receipt service to link information with the Revenue Department in the tax system project and electronic transaction documents under the National e Payment Strategy.
        GCM intend to expand the scope of the new service to its customers in order to support reducing the burden of document storage and reducing the chance of lost documents for customers.
        This event was held to communicate with our customers to understand the benefits and the relevant laws including related impacts before it is fully implemented.


GCM Collaborates with Thien Phuoc to Organize Creating Shared Value Project: Safety Standard for Sustainability in Vietnam

           GC Marketing Solutions Co., Ltd. (GCM) and GC Marketing Solutions Vietnam Co., Ltd. (GCM Vietnam) organize the Creating Shared Value Project “Safety Standard for Sustainability Seminar” for Thien Phuoc Manufacturing and Trading Co,. Ltd. at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on 28 August 2019.             In this seminar, CTSafe Center, a safety consultant together with our GCM Technical Support Department provide safety standard and technical services knowledge to 35 participants from Thien Phuoc.           The purposes of the project are to cooperate in developing safety, occupational health, and environment system which is to strengthen our customer’s safety procedure and standard. We hope that the project will increase business value and enhance the competitiveness contributing to the development of Vietnam sustainable economy.

GCM Signs JVA with PT. Cipta Aneka Air (CAA) for Petrochemical Products Distribution in Indonesia

 Mr. Patiparn Sukorndhaman, Chief Operating Officer – Downstream Petrochemical Business, PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (GC) and Chairman of the Board of GC Marketing Solutions Company Limited (GCM), was the guest of honor in the joint venture agreement signing ceremony between GCM, a subsidiary of GC and PT. Cipta Aneka Air (CAA), with Mr. Thitipol Artsanchorn, GCM President, and Dr. Rano Kartono Rahim, CAA President Director, co-signing the agreement on August 22, 2019 at Synergy Meeting Room, Floor 9, Building A, Energy Complex, Bangkok, Thailand.
 Mr. Patiparn Sukorndhaman, Chief Operating Officer – Downstream Petrochemical Business, PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (GC), stated, “This JVA signifies how important Indonesia as a strategic country. With over 260 million people, a strong economy and good GDP growth, Indonesia clearly represent attractive opportunities for GC Group.
 We have been increasing our exports to Indonesia for many years now. For example with PE 120,000 tons this year, we aim to double that to 250,000 tons in five years (2024). With this intent, establishing a home base in Indonesia is one of our aspirations, and thus require a strong sales & marketing arm to support. Therefore, this Joint Venture Agreement is the beginning of excellent cooperation between PT. Cipta Aneka Air and GC Marketing Solutions Company Limited, as we believe in leveraging each other's strength for success together.” said Patiparn Sukorndhaman.
 Mr. Thitipol Artsanchorn, President of GC Marketing Solutions Company Limited, stated, “We are honored to go into partnership in Indonesia with PT. Cipta Aneka Air. Through our efforts and commitment, we will be able to grow even stronger in Indonesian market. I do believe the signing of this Joint Venture Agreement today will add new synergies and values for both PT. Cipta Aneka Air and GC Marketing Solutions Company Limited in years to come.” added Thitipol Artsanchorn.
 Dr. Rano Kartono Rahim, President Director of PT. Cipta Aneka Air, stated, “Today, we are honored to have the chance to corporate with GC Marketing Solutions Company Limited and it is thus a very special honor for us to be your support partner to set up a joint venture company in Jakarta, Indonesia.
 Established in 2009, PT. Cipta Aneka Air is water treatment engineering company, serving pharmaceutical, food & beverages, dairy, cosmetic and other industries based in Indonesia. Through our strong alliance network with our partners, customers, and banks, we strongly believe CAA will support this joint venture company for the networking, market exploration, rules and regulations, people and culture in Indonesia market.” added Dr. Rano Kartono Rahim.


GCM and Bang Khun Thian District Office Organized CSR Activity: the 10th Community Environmental Development Project

            GC Marketing Solutions Co., Ltd. (GCM) organized the 10th environmental development project in the community at Bangkhuntien Beach, which received good support from the Bang Khun Thian District Office. In this event, there were customers of Sang Roong Group Co., Ltd., JT.Pack of Foods Co., Ltd. and GCM employees, total 60 persons, to join the planting 999 mangrove trees on 21 August 2019.          The purposes of the activity are to raise awareness of environmental problems that affect all life. Therefore, planting mangroves forest will create a natural wall to protect small creatures, preventing the erosion of the ground from the sea, and will help increasing oxygen in the air.  
          This is also our responsibilities to take good care and maintain our coastal areas by doing garbage collection, that are brought from all over and are increasing the amount of waste every day. This activity was evaluated with a very good level of satisfaction from the participants at 91.84%.